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Evangeline Oxum?

Eva the Diva?


I’m just a child of chaos who thinks that normal is boring and sanity, well, it’s overrated. As a hopeless wool-gatherer and weaver of tales, I’m always driven by the question: What if?

Under the pen name, Evangeline Oxum, I dream up strange worlds filled with human computers, sentient starships, and leprechaun centaurs. My imagination is boundless and bountiful, and I’ve got room for you on this trip through my wonderful world of weirdness.

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Gunpowder Sirens

An ex-soldier down on her luck, an inventor hoping to save his Frankensteinian creation, a child slave searching for freedom, and an alien bounty hunter with a score to settle. What do they all have in common? Only the most coveted algorithm in the entire Heliosphere.

With it, they can crack any system, break any firewall, hijack any network, control any human. And they’ll do anything to get that algorithm, even if it means destroying the people they love the most.

Data is pure. Data is life.

A cresent yellow moon in a fantasy land

The Subtle Taste of Midnight


The Witching Hour.

The time when dreams come a-calling, whether or not you’re asleep. TSTOM is a collection of short stories, poems, and night owl rants that my sleep-deprived mind cobbles together before the sun rises.

Blue and purple neon DNA strand


Sarah doesn’t know that she’s a lab rat on an alien’s operating table, trapped with creatures from unknown planets and distant solar systems. With each cycle through the maze of life and death, she becomes a monster, unable to tell reality from fantasy. In this laboratory, alliances crumble and enemies become the only people she can trust.

The experiment threatens to devour her completely, unless she can find a way to stop it.